• Server: Sea of Sorrows (NA)
  • Focus: WvW/PvP, Dungeons, and Guild Missions
  • Voice Chat: TeamSpeak 3
  • Council Members: Obi Katsu, Lumynna, Daggiius, Virulia, Tifa Lockheart, Physicks, Jin Tseng, Veles Cizin, Zin Caomhnoir, Chix

Who is [Rx]?

Prescribed was founded at launch by a few real world friends (Lumy, Shady, and Obi). We are an "older" group who have regular 9-5 jobs and mainly play from the PST timezone, but we now have members representing worldwide. We always favor having quality over quantity and want the guild to remain a place where everyone can get to know one another, so we plan on staying as a medium-sized community.

Who are we looking for?

We're looking for players, both casual and hardcore, that want to step up their gameplay in organized/coordinated groups for WvW and PvP, although we regularly have groups running fractals, dungeons, and weekly guild missions. Members should have good attitudes and be helpful to others. We want to make sure the guild grows together and make a name for ourselves. We don't discriminate based on any social factors or in-game skill; just be dedicated to the guild, open-minded, and willing to learn and to teach others.

How do I join?

Feel free to contact any of our council members for more information. Or, register here on our site and we'll send you an invite in-game.

See you around!

I apologize for not having an event in March. I've been super busy with *shivers* IRL things...but I will be probably/hopefully/maybe more available on the last week of April! So, for the April Guild Event, I would like for us to utilize our beautiful, supercharged, upgraded guild hall to play a game of hide, seek & sardines

  • This event will take place on April 24th at 9pm EST/6pm PST, 1 hour before guild missions.
  • For this game, you will have to locate a hiding spot without using any glitches that does not require the seeker to jump on any guild decorations (that means jump puzzles are out of the question).
  • Be sure not to represent Prescribed [Rx] while you are hiding, as it will give your position away to the seeker! Keep yourself untagged throughout the duration of the game and do not party with anyone.
  • Everyone who would like to hide, can! So start scouting out some sneaky spots!
  • If there are no volunteer seekers, I will be the first seeker.
  • Once the game begins, you may not move more than "melee range" from your location. This means, you can use emotes, but not move around.
  • If you find someone, call it out in map chat so that everyone knows who has been found and so that I know who to send the prize to!
  • If you have been found, you may move and begin searching for the remaining hiders.
  • Whoever finds the last hider first will hide with him/her like sardines. Everyone else will continue to search for the last hider and pile on top of him/her until there are 2 seekers left.
  • The last 2 seekers will have a death match in the guild hall arena for the entertainment of the guild.


  • For each successful find called out in map chat, the seeker will receive 50s.
  • The 3rd last hider will receive 2g.
  • The 2nd last hider will receive 5g.
  • The last hider will receive 10g.
  • The 1st sardine [first person to find the last hider and hide with him/her] will receive 2g. 
  • The 2nd sardine will receive 1g.

For the May guild event, I would like to do a fundraiser to replenish the gold in our guild bank. If anyone has any creative suggestions, please reply or PM me. Thanks!

- V

On Friday, February 26th at 8:30p EST/5:30p PST, grab one of your lesser used characters and join Rx for a guided Hero Point specialization farm through Verdant Brink, Auric Basin, and some of Tangled Depths. The goal is for each person who comes to unlock the elite specialization of one of their classes. Please be sure to have a "teleport to friend" handy or do the first story mission in HoT called "Prologue: Rally to Maguuma" prior to the meeting time so that we may start promptly. This event will end before our weekly drunkmanding session.

Note: This event is on a Friday and not in its usual time slot on a Sunday before guild missions. 

virulent tagRx o i'm glad! hopefully everyone was able to unlock an elite spec! if not i really wouldn't mind running a few m...
claytonmorby Rx this event was fun i liked it a lot

Guild Vale Raids

Zin tagRx posted Jan 18, 16

Trying to get organized for a weekly try at the vale raid.

Sign up here : http://www.prescribedrx.com/forum/m/9556483/viewthread/25798585-raids-getting-organized/post/last#last so that we can get our comps organized.

Please try to work towards one of the suggested builds (or something equally effective), and be geared up. (build suggestions can be found on the first tab in the spreadsheet).  If you need help gearing, let us know, we'll try to help out.

No experience necessary, we'll all be practising this as we go along :D

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