• Server: Sea of Sorrows (NA)
  • Focus: WvW/PvP, Dungeons, and Guild Missions
  • Voice Chat: TeamSpeak 3
  • Council Members: Obi Katsu, Lumynna, Daggiius, Virulia, Tifa Lockheart, Physicks, Jin Tseng, Veles Cizin, Zin Caomhnoir, Chix

Who is [Rx]?

Prescribed was founded at launch by a few real world friends (Lumy, Shady, and Obi). We are an "older" group who have regular 9-5 jobs and mainly play from the PST timezone, but we now have members representing worldwide. We always favor having quality over quantity and want the guild to remain a place where everyone can get to know one another, so we plan on staying as a medium-sized community.

Who are we looking for?

We're looking for players, both casual and hardcore, that want to step up their gameplay in organized/coordinated groups for WvW and PvP, although we regularly have groups running fractals, dungeons, and weekly guild missions. Members should have good attitudes and be helpful to others. We want to make sure the guild grows together and make a name for ourselves. We don't discriminate based on any social factors or in-game skill; just be dedicated to the guild, open-minded, and willing to learn and to teach others.

How do I join?

Feel free to contact any of our council members for more information. Or, register here on our site and we'll send you an invite in-game.

See you around!

Rx Website - User Cleanup

Zin tagRx posted Sep 23, 16

The promised clean-up is going to happen this weekend.  Just a heads up!

Rx Website - User Cleanup

Zin tagRx posted Jul 23, 16

Within the next month, I plan to do some long overdue maintenance on the user list for the website.

The goal is to clean out users that are no longer with Rx. 

A secondary goal could be to also only keep users that have visited the website within 2016 ?!?!?!  (Would definitely be easier to cut down the list by this criteria first, and then only examine the remainder to see if they're still in the guild smile)

In any case, if you are still with Rx, and accidently get cleaned up... just send me a mail either on the website, in game, or reply to this post, and I'll get it fixed up.



Zin (spillylily.4051)

Zin tagRx lol - I've thought about it very sporadically over the past couple of years. you'll just help train me in the...
BOA Smid Rx Somehow....I feel like I started something...
Vixen Rx Let the purge begin!

Rx Website Forum Changes

Zin tagRx posted Jul 23, 16

Hey all,

I've been playing around with the forum permissions because I want to give people outside the guild (but in our raid group) access to post / read for a new Raid sub-forum. 

Please let me know if you're having trouble with the forums in any way because I may have messed something up.  There should NOT be ANY change to any guild member's access / ability / perms.



Zin tagRx Changes are complete. If you see something amiss, please let me know.
Happy birthday Edmeister!
Happy Birthday Rib!
Anz, don't be a sillyface, of course we're keeping it Monday. I don't know people's schedules until I ask :)
Happy Birthday Mingus! <3
Zin, if a majority of people can raid on Wed you don't need to keep it on Monday for me.
Happy Birthday Faehe!
link goes to forum post i made about venom share bug with ACs
You do not have access to shout
Arenanet is seeking player feedback on what materials should go into the material storage on the forums. Alright folks, here we go. I have said that we would look into the material storage system to determine if we could reduce the curre...
Published Oct 24, 2016
Arenanet has posted a teaser clip of the heavy version of the Legendary Armor. Hi, I’m Paul Ella, producer for Guild Wars 2 raids, here today to bring you a sneak peek of the upcoming legendary armor. Looks to die for…over and over and o...
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A guide to the GW2 Halloween Festival 2016 that began on October 18, 2016. Activities The entrance to these activities can all be found in Lion’s Arch. They are marked on the map as door. The exception is Mad King Says which occurs in Gr...
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Arenanet has added six new eye colors in the Total Makeover kit. Six new colors, five are neon, and one is pure black Neon Blue Neon Green Neon Red Neon Yellow New Orange Pure Black The post GW2 New Eye Colors in the Total Makeover Kit a...
Published Oct 18, 2016
GW2 Gargoyle weapon skins gallery. These are a new set of weapon skins available for 1 Black Lion Ticket each. These weapons have an unique draw sound but that is about it. No special sound for warhorn/rifle/pistol. Gargoyle Axe Skin Gar...
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Happy Halloween! Join host Gaile Gray and her developer guest for the next episode of Community Showcase Live on the official Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel! They’ll showcase artwork, fan projects, videos, and crafts, all created ...
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Hi, I’m Paul Ella, producer for Guild Wars 2 raids, here today to bring you a sneak peek of the upcoming legendary armor. Looks to die for…over and over and over. The raids team is charged with bringing you the ultimate i...
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Halloween is here, and King Oswald Thorn walks among us! You can visit the release page for more details and read the complete release notes on our forums. As you play this release, consider adding information you find to the official wi...
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Ah, yes, it’s finally time for Lion’s Arch to have its annual candy-corn-fueled feeding frenzy while dancing around at the whim of a dead king. As you might have gathered, I’m not old Thorn’s biggest fan. A has-be...
Published Oct 18, 2016
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