I know I've been taking a break from guild events this summer, but here comes September's guild event *drumroll*....a PvP tournament! To be held tentatively on 9/20 at 8pm EST/5pm PST (TWO hours before guild missions). Details are as follows:

  • Each member will have to sign up to be in the tournament. You may reply to this post or PM Virulia in game to sign up. 
  • This is a guild event, therefore only guild members are able to sign up for the tournament. Please do not advertise this to nonguild members as the prizes are donated by the guild and for the guild.
  • Based on the number of entrants, teams will be made (ie: 4 entrants will be 2v2, 5 entrants will be 2v2 and 1 bench, 6 entrants will be 3v3, 7 entrants will be 3v3 and 1 bench, 8 entrants will either be two 2v2s or a 4v4; leaning towards 4v4, 9 entrants will be 4v4 and 1 bench, 10 entrants will be 5v5, 11 entrants will be 5v5 and 1 bench, 12 entrants will be two 3v3s, etc. with benches as one person sitting out once out of every x amount of matches, x being the number of entrants.)
  • On the day of the tournament, each entrant will be assigned a number and teams will be selected using a randomized number generator. Because of this, teamwork and communication in different Teamspeak channels is encouraged. 
  • Entrants will play only one match with each team they are assigned and then new teams will be drawn.
  • Each individual will receive one point for each match he/she wins. 
  • Depending on time and equal opportunity for each entrant (every entrant should play the same number of matches), the tournament is expected to run from 1-2 hours long ending with guild missions beginning at 10pm EST/7pm PST. The tournament will either last until there is a first place winner, or until the first player reaches 10 points.
  • 1st place will receive 10g, 2nd place will receive 5g, 3rd place will receive 2g. If there are ties, both players will receive the prize. 

Sign ups and points can be viewed here.

- V

claytonmorby Rx I come
Zin tagRx Sure, I'm in

Tentatively, this month's guild event will be on 8/23.

For the mini PvP tournament to work, we will need at least 10 members to sign up! I was thinking we could do randomized teams and each individual player can gain points based on wins. I would like for this to encourage teamwork building within the guild! Depending on the number of entrants, I may do first to 5 wins/points will get 10g, second 5g. I imagine we'll have some ties, so no third place prize. 

For the bounty hunt, a moving target will be running around a map like guild bounty, but without a predictable path. First person to find him/her will run alongside and get 10g. Second

Exciton_liutianmin Rx Seems I will be out in a party tomorrow afternoon and won't be joining the events.
virulent tagRx Here's a different idea: RP event!
Luso Rx Haven't PvP'd in a while so probably that.

The Prize List:

  • 1x Scientific Hammer Skin
  • 1x Scientific Shield Skin
  • 1x Scientific Staff Skin
  • 1x Balthazar Hammer Skin
  • 3x Tormented Shield Skins
  • 1x Tormented Staff Skins
  • 1x Chaos dagger Skin
  • 3x Chaos Staff Skin
  • 2x Chaos Sword Skin
  • 2x Chaos Greatsword Skin
  • 1x Chaos Dagger Skin
Love the new look up the website! Great job Nat!
choo choo....
I decided to craft Twilight/Eternity yesterday, bought dusk for 1150g 0_0... my bottle neck is karma now... where is the karma train at?
<3 Kimbo!
Rx! I'm sorry! My Gw2 is running at potato speed... 100 kb/sec. I'm having a hard time DLing the new patch... perhaps no raid today from me :( Sohree
yes must have!!!
oooo... dragonfly backpack... me likey [link]
daaang that looks sick nat!
Zin! Halp! Can you make mods' names stop... flashing lightning in chat?
Rhys posted a video from reset: [link]
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There are no birthdays today.
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